Style & Fitness

Sophie’s style mantra!

We know Sophie is a true fashionista and everyone always looks forward to her appearances on the red carpet or at any event! Ask Sophie for style tips by messaging here. Meanwhile she is sharing some with you:

  • I don’t have a stylist because I feel you know yourself best or maybe because I have always loved fashion! It’s great to have input but ultimately I believe you should wear clothes you feel confident in!
  • Must haves in my wardrobe include lots of jeans in different shapes and colours, a little black dress, a little red dress for when I want to feel sexier, the perfect white shirt, nude stiletto heels, black heels, a cool black jacket or a nice leather jacket for when you travel, aviator sunglasses.
  • My biggest weakness? Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags, Bottega and McQueen clutches, Louboutin, Zanotti and Jimmy Choo shoes.
  • Make-up should be used to highlight not hide your face! Don’t overdo it! Decide what you want to highlight. Eyes, mouth, cheeks for the day time and stick to one thing. In the evening you can highlight it all but don’t put too much on. It will look scary! As Indians we always highlight our eyes but for the past few months I’m obsessed with bright lip colours. It makes you look amazing! Try it! Red, pink and corals work so well on our skin tone!


I eat every few hours be it fruits, nuts, a fruit smoothie. I don’t leave long gaps because it gives you acidity and slows down your metabolism! A typical day:

Morning: Green tea, almonds, egg white omelette and toast or porridge, small portion of papaya

Mid-Morning: Fruits, a smoothie or a protein shake post workout

Lunch: Grilled chicken, salad, sweet potato. On veg days I have 1 roti, dal or channa and another sabzi. I hardly eat rice but because I’m dancing so much I need the carbs so rice and whole wheat pasta are also great options!

5pm is the danger time when you feel like eating junk. I have chai/coffee with a biscuit or some dry fruit. If really hungry then bread with peanut butter.

Dinner is similar to lunch. Chicken or fish with veggies or a roti with chicken. On veg days I opt for a soup and some quinoa!

Never starve your body! Make sure you eat!